About Us

What is Gameiros’ Space?

David and Mayara Gameiro founded Gameiros’ Space to document their journey of personal development while inspiring others to pursue a healthier and more fulfilling life based on biblical principles. Throughout history, humans have used science and engineering to modify their environment, creating a safe space for humanity to thrive. While this has led to several advancements, it has also caused people to become disconnected from nature and their loved ones. As a result, relationships have suffered, leading to loneliness, anger, resentment, and a loss of self.

As Albert Einstein once said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.” The goal of Gameiros’ Space is to guide individuals towards a path of freedom by mastering time wisely and effectively and combining it with great values and knowledge as David and Mayara also grow on these as well.  As individuals who aspire to take care of their minds and bodies while inspiring others to do the same, they are able to strengthen relationships with those who matter the most and lead to a more fulfilling life.

In essence, Gameiros’ Space encourages individuals to embrace personal development through biblical principles, making time for self-care and relationships while using technology to serve them, rather than the other way around.

Who are David and Mayara Gameiro?

David and Mayara Gameiro, the founders of Gameiros’ Space, are a married couple with a delightful baby boy whose radiant smile brightens their day. The concept for Gameiros’ Space arose from the fusion of David’s passion for technology and Mayara’s aspiration to cultivate a healthy lifestyle for their family, along with their shared thirst for adventure. They intend to learn and develop as they progress and chronicle their journey for their children and anyone interested in accompanying them. Together, they aim to foster healthy habits and create a life worth remembering with their loved ones. You’re invited to join them on this journey by sharing your ideas and experiences in the comments below! They acknowledge that perfection is not required, but they aspire to pursue who they were meant to be by their wonderful Creator.

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