About Us

What is Gameiros’ Space?

Gameiros’ Space was founded by David and Mayara Gameiro to inspire you to master technology in order to unlock freedom. What does that mean? Since the beginning of human civilization, mankind has modified the environment through science and engineering in order to create a safe place for humanity to thrive. That has improved human lives in many ways, however, the extreme of that has left many out of touch with nature and out of touch with their loved ones.

Albert Einstein once said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction,” that is why the goal of Gameiros’ Space is to give you a new perspective on the use of technology in order for you to have more time to go on a walk in the woods to refresh your mind after a busy day; to take your family on a bike ride around your neighborhood; or prepare an amazing meal to eat outside with your friends. That is possible when you use technology to serve you. 

For example, by automating your home; by using a smart watch that reminds you of your schedule; by machines that quickly cooks healthy meals for you, you can save more time to spend it wisely. Time is precious, and it never comes back. That is the reason why you should take advantage of tools that make your life easier in order to explore new horizons with those whose lives are precious to you.

Gameiros’ Space also provides services such as website designing and management, graphic designing, photography, videography, and more to those who want to start, or to improve their business and to facilitate home automation as well as a products’ store that cherishes the idea of mastering technology to unlock freedom.

Who are David and Mayara Gameiro?

Besides being the founders of Gameiros’ Space, David and Mayara Gameiro are a married couple with a beautiful baby boy whose smile lights their entire day! The idea to create Gameiros’ Space came up from the balance of David’s love for technology and Mayara’s desires to build a healthy lifestyle for her family. So, from the combination of the two, they came up with their slogan, “Mastering Technology to Unlock Freedom,” which comes from the concept that the more you develop the knowledge of tools that can facilitate your everyday life, the more you are able to free up time to enjoy the simple things in life such as admiring the beauty of the Creator in creation. Even though they are not tech gurus, they believe in everyday knowledge development to improve life, and by sharing them, you too, can increase your comprehension on the subject or even add to their knowledge as well, since the comments on this platform are open to the public!