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Letter from Gameiros’ Space to you

Hi Adventurer,

Welcome to Gameiros’ Space’s very first post in which you will get to know more about us and the purpose of this website. First off, we want you to know who is behind the computer writing to you. We are David and Mayara Gameiro. The first one is a technology hunter who grew up in New Jersey; and who is majoring in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence by the end of 2020! Yaay, Go David! The second one, is a free spirit Brazilian girl that even though she grew up living close to one of the most beautiful Brazilian beaches in the northeast of Brazil, she is fascinated about mountains. 

We love spending time with our “now” 6 months old  little boy, Aslan Gameiro, in nature. We are firm believers that technology is to serve people, people are to be loved, and time is too precious for us to mess up doing the opposite of these two foundational principles: use technology, love people. We treasure our time in getting to know more the beauty of the Creator in creation; spending time with our family and friends, hiking, swimming, and reading while we take advantage of all the assets that technology has to serve us. 

Gameiro’s Space is a combination of David’s passion for technology and Mayara’s longings for a healthy lifestyle. Our slogan, “Mastering Technology to Unlock Freedom” expresses very well the principle that technology is to be used to free up our time for us to have freedom to spend time with our beloved ones living life to its fullness. Through our blog and vlog posts, we will be adding to your knowledge differents technological assets to facilitate your work and life as well as encouraging you to explore a healthy lifestyle in every area; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We want you to know that our blogs and vlogs are to be interactive and dynamic. Please, feel free to tell us on the comments your thoughts on every subject we will be posting and even adding to our knowledge if you would like to. We believe that the more we learn with each other the more we all grow. 

Thank you so much for sticking around until now. We hope you have enjoyed this letter to you! Until the next post.

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