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Your Smarter Home.

Building a smart home has never been so easy.


As technology starts to grow exponentially, more and more of it can be controlled by our phones. Because of this, it allows for many different devices and technologies to work together. It is like having a universal remote in the palm of our hands everywhere we go. There are many devices and apps that help to facilitate building a smart home.

Google Nest Yale Lock

The term smart home can be used with home automation but they do mean two different things. Smart home refers to using technology as a tool to better assist you in things around the house, for example, it can refer to Wi-Fi speakers that can play the same thing all around the house. Home Automation is the use of smart home technology but one device can control another or they can work independently with user interaction, as it can refer to a voice assistant control lights or lights turning on at designated times.

One thing to understand before designing or setting up a smart home is to have Wi-Fi internet at home. This is important because a lot of devices use the internet to gather data to output, for updates, to communicate with other devices, or to be controlled from outside of the home network.

Many companies are building their products to be able to connect to the Wi-Fi to be another accessory in a smart home. This varies from appliances, speakers, lights, security devices, entertainment, and more. When purchasing new devices look that it connects to the Wi-Fi and that it can be managed with other devices.

In my other blog posts I will go into detail of smart home devices out there and devices that can be used to manage them by either through voice, phone, automation, or all three.

Lastly, if you have any questions or would like a consultation to make your home smart you can email me at

Check out these essential devices to automate your home.

Google Nest Hub Max
Philips Hue Smart Lights
Google Nest Mini

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