Is the DJI Mavic Mini right for you?
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Is the DJI Mavic Mini right for you?

Small and compact drone for capturing everyday life

Hello Adventurer,

Have you ever been somewhere with friends and family and you wanted to capture the moment, but you just made selfies or there was always one person missing in the picture? Both of us have been in plenty of those situations. It can be difficult at times of capturing that moment well. I would like to introduce you to DJI’s Mavic Mini. It is small enough that it can be carried almost anywhere, and it is very simple to set up to get the perfect shot. 

Currently, we have a case from DJI that fits the drone, 3 batteries with a charging hub, and the remote. The case is very small and light which was perfect for us when flying, for road trips, or just going around the corner. There were times with family that we wanted to get a picture or video of us together and with the DJI drone we were able to get amazing shots. The case with everything is small and light enough to also stick in a backpack and go for a hike. When you reach your destination it can be quickly set up to capture the excitement of where you are at. 

The drone weighs 249g with a battery, which is a little bit more than the weight of the average phone. Being that light makes it very easy to carry. The other amazing feature about the drone is that each battery has about 30 minutes of flying time. That is a lot of time to capture those precious moments with friends, family, and the outdoors. Its remote folds up very small for easy storage.

Also, can’t forget to mention that the brains of the whole flying experience is your phone, the great thing is that your phone is always with you and so there is no need to worry about forgetting that. The phone can be mounted underneath the remote when it is folded out and the phone is plugged into the remote. It does come with 3 different cables to fit most phones, micro-USB for most Android phones, Lightning adapter for iPhones, and USB-C for most newer Android phones.

The DJI Mavic Mini drone uses GPS to help it determine its location to create a better flying experience. With having GPS, it is able to hover in place and fly around very smoothly. Also, there are cool creative shots that can be done as it is tracking an object, and it needs GPS in order to fly autonomously. 

There is a 2.7K camera that is able to capture your footage in very high resolution and with full of color. The camera is able to tilt down enough to look straight down, and it is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal that helps to produce a very smooth image while flying through heavy winds. Lastly, it has sensors on the bottom that help it to sense anything that may come in contact with. The sensors have helped to avoid obstacles and from people and animals from grabbing it. 

All in all I am very happy with our drone and everywhere we go we take it because we never know when we may need it. If you have any questions or comments just comment below or email us at Also, if you would like to know where to purchase your own and other drones by DJI just visit our store here. Lastly, do not forget to share this blog post with a friend and check out our Instagram at @gameirosspace.

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