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It is Time to Have Time!

Many of us complain that we do not have time to spend in prayer, reading a book, having fun with friends, family, and so on. However, we do not realize that we do not own time; we manage time. The time will pass regardless of what we do. We will never go back in time nor can we speed it up.

To everyone under the sun they are given 24 hours of the day to manage as we please or as it pleases others. That is the great “A-ha” of “not having time.” We have 24 hours to be somewhat in control of our time, or other factors or people will control it for us. Why do I say “somewhat?”, a simple answer to that is that life is unpredictable, therefore, we cannot control our time constantly.

On the other hand, we can manage most of the predictable elements of our daily routines in order to accomplish our daily goals. When Jesus prayed, “Give us this day our daily bread,” He gave us a hint in which we should pay attention. As we need our daily bread, we also need to achieve daily goals because through that, we can start a project and finish it.

In our generational advantage, we have the technology to help us with tasks that helps us to save up time to spend on something more productive in our lives such as, instead of washing dishes by hand, our dishwasher does it for us while we spend a good and cozy night with our beloved ones.

When we wanted to save up time to go hiking after a busy day working, we took full advantage of all the devices we had at home such as a virtual assistant to manage little things for us and as well as remind us of schedules, groceries lists, appointments and much more. If you have not read yet the technologic blog post before this one about a virtual assistant, it is a must for you to understand our example above. That being set up, allows us to focus on the goals of our obligation as well as our fun time.

When it comes to traveling with our significant ones, or by ourselves it is a time investment in our mental health as well as a great boost to our creativity to flourish. That is why it is so important for us to manage our time well in order to spend it wisely.

But traveling is a subject we will be talking about on another lifestyle post coming up next Thursday! We hope this post helped you to feel motivated to manage your time well. Please, let us know your comments below on how you manage your time. Also, do not forget to share this blog post with a friend and check out our Instagram at @gameirosspace.

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